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This term is widely used in everyday life to define the situation where a problem occurs or occurs, which is difficult to find a solution .Starting from this concept, it can be said that a Impasse comprises two elements: an environment where all kinds of impediments or obstacles prevail that do not allow the people involved to find the solution to the conflict. Another element is found associated with the specific time , which usually does not extend in excess.If for example it is said that the agreements between the government and the businessmen are in an impasse, it will be possible to show that there is a situation in the negotiation and this has a certain period of time, that is to say it can last one day, maximum week ; since it is not usual for an impasse to last more than four weeks. The term impasse is of French origin which means "difficult situation", impossible to solve .In the language Spanish is usually translated as dead end, stagnant negotiation
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What is stock? »Its Definition and Meaning

There is a economic institution called Stock market that is responsible for measuring and regulating everything related to any financial transaction and business of its affiliates.The Exchange provides all the comforts and facilities that can be provided.A Stock Exchange can be constituted by a wide form of investment ranging from: participation titles, public or private bonds, shares of companies and anonymous companies . The stock exchanges suggest as a main principle the strengthening of the organizations that compose it, this generates a clearly attractive and sustainable trade for new investors and negotiators who are looking for a bank in the world of money and commercial stability, Among the world's leading Stock Exchanges are: North American Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System ( NASDAQ ) (United States), New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) (United States), Frankfurter Wertpapierborse ( Frankfurt Stock Exchange ) (FWB) (Germany), Shanghai Stock Exchange (
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What is uterus? »Its Definition and Meaning

It is the organ of the female reproductive system responsible for pregnancy where the fertilized ovule is implanted and is where the fetus begins to develop, has a triangular shape with a superior base and its length is about 8cm and its maximum width is about 5cm.The uterus is located in the pelvic cavity in front of the rectum and behind, and if it can be said above, the Uterine bladder .Three parts are distinguished in the uterus: a first portion that is the body that is the widest with measures 5cm in length. The second portion called the isthmus with 1 cm and finally the neck with 2cm in length.The upper part of the body, rounded forms the uterine fundus on whose sides the uterine tubes open or mostly known as the fallopian tubes .The neck makes a slight propensity in the vagina, in whose cavity it opens.On its structure the uterus is a formed by three layers: a first layer called the mucosa or endometrium; the second layer called muscle or the myometrium and a third

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Television is one of the most popular media worldwide , which is based on the sending and receiving of sounds and images through various media such as satellite, the cable , the radio , among others.Its popularity lies in its easy access since millions of people have the possibility to access it immediately and easily. This important means of communication was created in the early twentieth century , however it was not until the middle of the century when it became massive, when many European and American families had access to the first domestic appliances and of low cost that broadcast television channels. Among its characteristics is the signal , this is by radio, it decomposes the images in small pictures that discomfort, spreading through antennas, and then being received click on the set-top box on the television. At first the images projected on the television were black and white ; later they are to color and where different colors are used that allow to achiev
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What is customary law? »Its Definition and Meaning

Historically, Customary Law was a regulation that was established based on the customs of the community, culture and beliefs that developed within the common environment.Today we see it as a crucial reference when determining which were the main sources of law that govern humanity to the present day. The following happens: customary law is formalized as one of the sources of law most important in history , why? Well, as we go back to the times when civilization was interested in establishing a legal norm to maintain control over the relations of people and of these with the state, they were based to base the precepts of what would later be law, in the good customs and traditions rooted for years in the people who make up the community.From one more point of the student's viewer, it could be affirmed that customary law was applied to separate what is good and what is bad , what is fair and what is not.All that body of customary law was based on people's behavior. As sit

What is hardness? »Its Definition and Meaning

Hardness is a physical property of materials that consists basically of the firm union of the molecules that make it up, thus preventing any other object or substance from splitting it, penetrating it, or compromising it. Hardness is used as a magnitude in various industrial areas where it is necessary to measure the capacity of endurance or resistance of weight that have different materials for optimal use.An example of these industries are those that are responsible of manufacturing basic elements for the construction of a building or structure, metallurgy, carpentry, among others in which it is vital to know what its composition is, how they could join with other materials to create solid structures. The scientific field of industrial engineering hardness is one applied to various areas, mainly those that are responsible for the extraction and study of the components of the earth, specifically we refer to mineralogy and geo loggia. In mineralogy , a measurement scale from 1
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America is the second continent with the greatest territorial extension (the first is Asia), thus occupying much of the western hemisphere of planet earth, with an area of ​​more than 42,000,000 km² , occupying 8.3% of the total surface of the planet and 30.2% of the land emerged. Its name comes from the Italian navigator named Americo Vespucio , which was one of the Europe's first European explorers.This continent is located in the Western Hemisphere, between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bounded on the south by the Drake Passage, where you have the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and on the north by the Ocean Arctic Glacier. America is currently divided into three blocks which are North America that extends from the Arctic Glacial Sea to the Neovolcanic Range, with an area of ​​23,633,760 km, and a population for the year 1996 of 388,073.0 00, Central America that extends from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the Barranco del Atraco, in northwestern Colombia, plus the In
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What is contempt? »Its Definition and Meaning

The word contempt is a term that in some laws is considered as a crime that is incurred when defaming, discrediting or threatening an authority , in the performance of its de facto or word functions.The sanction that comes from having committed contempt is intended to guarantee the respect of citizens to the coercive power of the state.The action properly sanctioned is based on disobedience or resistance.Disobedience occurs at the moment a person does not abide by order.Therefore, the existence of a previous order is paramount. resistance exists when a person tries to prevent another from executing a specific action , that is, the action that a public agent commands in the performance of his duties. Therefore, for the criminal offense to be a fact, there must first be an order , that said order be given by a public official and that it be found in the I do your job o.It should be noted that the legislation of each country will sanction according to what is established in its lega

What is Prussianism? »Its Definition and Meaning

This is a military and political movement that originated in Prussia, which was considered one of the most important mobilization centers for soldiers and armaments in the old Europe .He was also one of the great powers, not only because it was a point of mobilization, he was also famous for the quality of his military forces.It is understood, mostly, as a ideology that they put in practice the generals, especially during the First and Second World War, in which the Germans identified with this philosophy by the influence of figures like Hitler , who reorganized the former Prussian army, which It had been destroyed after World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. However, the history of Prussianism is not complete without the history of how it became a reality.Prussia was one of the best countries in military matters thanks to their kings, like Guillermo I , Federico Guillermo II and Federico II, who had great skills when planning attack strategies and carrying them out.Their l

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The Penicillin is the most popular broad-spectrum antibiotic that exists today, based on the medical studies of Doctor Alexander Fleming , Penicillin was an important advance in medicine, since the synthesis of this antibiotic was a new scheme to search for medicines in the whole world. Penicillin G , the same one that was discovered in 1928 by Fleming in his studies, was discovered from the observations of the 6-Aminopenicilanic acid and from this, by replacing the mood, with betas or silos new classes of penicillins are obtained which will have an effect different and a different reaction in the patient who ingested them. Penicillin was mass produced and quickly distributed and marketed, because at that time, they turned out to be the least toxic antibiotics on the market, this made it the first option in this On the matter, however, some patients with strange pathologies or less common blood types began to present subsequent allergic symptoms days after administration, wh